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About FangSheng
 Ufine Technology Co.,Ltd is a company which include research & development, design, producing and pack-assembling of lithium-ion battery, It has two production bases, one is lithium-ion polymer cell prodution base, the other is battery pack-assembling prodution base. Total construction area more than 7000 square meters.This two bases are located in Qingxi Town, which is the most beautiful town in China,and about 400 meters far from Zhangmutou south highway station. Ufine Tech has got engineers who have more than ten years of experience of lithium-ion battery R&D and PCB R&D. In the process of lithium-ion polymer battery , High-Rate battery, High-Voltage battery, LFP battery producing,Ufine Tech has kept its own characteristic,and provides differentiation, customization services and high quality products efficiently,it becomes the important cooperative partner of many famous companies both here and abroad. bsp;